Embryo Transfer - Dr. Senai Aksoy

Embryos are transferred into the uterus usually between 2 and 5 days after egg retrieval. During the time they spend out of the body they are kept in culture medium in incubators that mimic the fallopian tubes. Embryo transfer is an easy procedure that is done without anesthesia or sedation. The embryos are loaded into a plastic catheter that is then introduced into the uterus via the cervical canal.

The number of embryos transferred depends on the age of the woman, previous failed treatment attempts and embryo quality. Turkish IVF legislation mandates the transfer of a single embryo in the fist two attempts in women < 35 and two embryos thereafter. Two embryos can be transferred to women > 35 years of age. The transfer of more than two embryos is not allowed under any circumstance.

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