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About Us

Why Choose ART Fertility Center as your IVF Clinic in Turkey

For 20 years, ART Clinic has been at the forefront of the reproductive medicine arena in Istanbul, Turkey. Founder of ART Fertility Clinic Dr. Senai Aksoy was a member of the team to first use the ‘Intra-cytoplasmic Sperm Injection’ (ICSI) technique in Turkey. In 1995 he became a member of the founding team of the IVF Department  at the American Hospital, Istanbul which is one of the biggest IVF centers in Turkey. Since then, he and the other members of the American Hospital IVF Unit have been breaking new ground in the area of assisted reproductive techniques. In addition to the state of the art technology they use and the internationally accredited embryology laboratory, new developments in reproductive medicine continue to drive their outstanding success rates. ART Fertility Center receives patients from all over the world in addition to patients from other cities in Turkey.

Personalized care and privacy 

At ART Fertility Center, Dr Senai Aksoy will work with you to understand your medical and reproductive history, goals, and expectations, then develop a customized plan to optimize your individual chances of success. You’ll find personalized and compassionate care from our clinical staff as well. The Art Fertility team is fully invested in the success of each and every patient.

State of the art technology and high success rates

The internationally accredited American Hospital  Embryology Laboratory in Istanbul, which Dr Senai Aksoy works with for the IVF procedure, is led by Chief Embryologist Basak Balaban one of the most experienced and respected embryologists in the world. Bio. Başak Balaban is the national representative to the ESHRE, Past President of the ALPHA International Embryology Society, and the President of the Clinical Embryology Society of Turkey.

Assisted Reproduction Unit of the American Hospital, of which Dr Senai Aksoy is one of the experienced team members, was founded in 1996 and rapidly became one of the most successful centers in the country performing over 1000 treatment cycles a year. Currently it’s one of the biggest IVF centers in Turkey with pregnancy rates equivalent to the most successful centers around the globe.

Patient Empowerment

ART Fertility Center believes that knowledge is power and that an informed, educated and empowered patient is a happier and more successful patient. Our team dedicates time to writing articles, answering patient questions and providing open lines of communication for each of their patients.  By providing patients with information and letting them make their own decisions based on our input, we find that they are much happier during and after their treatment.

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